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I think I'm going to delete my account....

I think I'm going to delete my account....

If the community can't solve your prolem is there anywhere else for support Otherwise, I'm going to delete Spotify rather than paying for something that doesn't work.



I have had these issues for about a month. I think the problem may be with my account because I'm having problems with using it on both my Galaxy 6 and Iphone 6 and both devices are on different networks.

Problems include:

  • When i search for song/artists/whatever, the search wheel comes up and it never loads the songs (e.g. won't play);
  • Try to play an album and it plays one song and can't load the next;
  • drops out and closes the app while a song is playing;
  • black home screen from time to time and nothing happens; and
  • spotify freezes and I can't stop songs playing. 

I have tried:

  • Trobleshooting tip of deinstalling the app, deleting files, deleting offline devisces, re-load, restart, . This helps for about 2 mins and problems are back; and 
  • I have made sure power saving is off
  • Updating operating system

Where else can I get help 😞

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The two direct contact options are detailed here.

Thanks Joe 🙂

You've been more patient than I would have been. In your shoes, I'd delete and look for a better solution. But that's me. I expect software to work strraight away, and I expect proper help facilities. I recall wistfully the days that software came with a hardcopy user manual, a keyboard template and interactive on-screen help including tutorials. These days lazy companies leave it to the user public to sort out each others' problems and its not good enough!

I faced the same problems, I contacted Spotify Cares on twitter and they helped me out. My problem was duplicate offline devices that they had to sort at the back end.


The jury is still out though... although the problem is solved temporarily the slowness and unresponsiveness of the app has returned.


I am seriously considering a move to google play music if the app becomes slow and unresponsive again!

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