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Infuriating Android App Crash

Infuriating Android App Crash

I like many other people use Spotify on my phone (for reference I own a Motorola Defy) and even use it in my car. I have always had the same constant problem with this horrendous application in that every time I skip anywhere between 4 and 15 songs it crashes to the homescreen. I'm not talking occasionally... I'm talking every single time over and over.

I have tried reinstalling the app four times before anyone suggests the obvious, is there anything I can do to stop this nuisance?



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I have recently bought an HTC V with android 4 and the app wont even start. Sux but there it is...


I will quit spotify unless this is fixed within a short period of time. No spotify on the phone equals no use...

Hi there,

download and install the preview release as this works with Android 4:
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