Intrusive Spotify - conutdown to uninstall


Intrusive Spotify - conutdown to uninstall

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On my Galaxy S5 with Android 5, Spotify is intrusive that it makes you wander what the guys have been smoking...!


Can you believe it, every time you restart yor telephone Spotify TAKE OVER THE WHOLE SCREE and deman that you sign into Spotify. And there is no way to make this go away. How rude is that? Can you even thing of anything worse?


Can you imagine if every app you installed behaved this way?


It shows that there is NO RESPECT for the customers (I have been premium since premium started as a servide!)


Spotify this is SO FAR OVER THE LIMIT that I find it difficult to belive that you have done this.


Fix this or I will unistall the app.



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Re: Intrusive Spotify - conutdown to uninstall

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I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with Spotify on your Android device. Have you already tried to reinstall Spotify?

To reinstall Spotify on Android, please follow all the steps correctly as given in this topic.


Please let me know if reinstalling didn't solve your issue.