Is it possible to controll spotify with galaxy gear?


Is it possible to controll spotify with galaxy gear?


I have invested in Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and Samsung Galaxy Gear (woop woop), but it's either impossible to control Spotify with the Galaxy Gear or i'm to stupid to find out how... Is it possible?

If no, is it possible to sync spotify into my music library on my Note? Since i'm able to control my music library that would be one solution...


If any of this is possible, please explain like you would explain it to a baby, because according to my friend, i'm a retard. 



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There's no way of controlling spotify with the Gear that I know of.


There is no way to extract music from the spotify cache, where all the music is stored, into a format which can be played using another music player (I think that's what you meant).


Nice toy though 🙂

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The media controller on my Galaxy gear allows to adjust volume, switch to the next / previous track on Spotify but does not show track info.

Gear S won't even skip tracks, just volume control of Spotify... weird because my Gear Fits media player can control anything that's playing on my Note 3.. so Samsung can make it happen with an update. Really annoying.


BeatOBox for Gear S

What's beatObox

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@gangstars wrote:
What's beatObox

A quick Goole gave me this:

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