Issues Switching between the Way I Listen


Issues Switching between the Way I Listen


Hi Guys,
I am having issues with the Spotify Android App when I switch between the way I listen to them (If that makes sense lol)

When Im at work, Im usually listening to songs through my Headphones, 
Then when I get into the work Car I listed to it through the 3.5mm Jack (Like Headphones) into the MP3 socket on the car radio. 
And in my Personal Car, I listen to it via Bluetooth...

When ever I go between these, I cant just get in the car and press play. To start the music again I need to do the following...
Open the App (Shows no Album Artwork and Loading.../Loading... at the bottom where the track info usually is and a Time of 0:01) 
I need hit the X up the top left
Re-select the playlist and choose a song to get it going again.


These are Offline Playlists so they are stored on my phone and not streamed...

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or has a fix for this issue.


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I have exactly the same issue. That's really annoying...

Any help or work around?


Thanks & regards,



Re: Issues Switching between the Way I Listen

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Yep I get the same problem after just stopping the music for a few minutes - when I come back to restart I have to go through the hassle of finding the right playlist and then the right song to start.

Sometimes it can be fine for ten minutes between stopping and starting and sometimes it can't do a minute. One sure fire way to create the issue (on my One X) is to start a YouTube video, then almost immediately stop it and go back to Spotify - it's completely forgotten it was playing something ten seconds ago
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