Its weird..


Ok the issue its that I own a premium account, an explicit mode it's on.. But on several songs there's like something weird with the song.. For example..


Artist: Kid Rock

Song as it appears: F-ck Off

Issue at: 2.26 thru 2.28 

It's like if the song was broke or something and this happens on Spanish song too..


Is there anything I can do to avoid that? cuz that its no explicit I can hear the bad words later.. 


**Edit** apparently they censure the words *cancer* and *no **bleep*** wth Spotify.. How can I get rid of it?


Even this message it's been edited with bleep and with instead of wt f Haha this is ridiculous..








Samsung Galaxy 8+ but that happens on my iPad Pro also


Operating System

(Android Oreo and iOS 12)


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