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Keeps Crashing the Whole Phone

Keeps Crashing the Whole Phone

When I try to play a song, after a few minutes it crashes the whole phone forcing me to hold the power button until the device boots up. My device is a Samsung Galaxy S5 running lollipop (android 5.0). So far, it's only happened while I was walking or running. What happens at the 'error point' is that sometimes the song just stops and I can't wake up the phone forcing me to reboot it or just leaves a 'repeating beat' similar to an error on a CD when it's 'stuck'. This is really annoying. I have disabled AdaptSound and it still happens.
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Hi. Are you using an official samsung ROM? Also check all your apps, maybe you installed some buggy.
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Does sound like another app causing the issue. However can you try a clean install following the troubleshooting guide linked in my signature?

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