Keeps disonecting from Bluetooth in the car

Keeps disonecting from Bluetooth in the car


I am trying to play Spotify through BT to my car's stereo.

Spotify connects for half a second, starts playing, and then disconnects from the Bluetooth and doesn't find my car. Sometimes when I press play again, it finds the car and resumes playing, but again disconnects after half a second.


I tried with a different app - MediaMonkey, and there was no problem. Also other apps play to the car without any issues.

I thought it could be an issue with the MediaMonkey, but it still happens after I uninstalled MediaMonkey.


I tried restarting both the app and the phone with no effect.

I followed the instructions on the official support page, and that didn't help.

I tried to set the BT device to Media only (no phone or contact sharing), and that didn't help.

No other devices were connected with BT at the time.


Any ideas?


Spotify Version









One Plus 7t


Operating System

Android 11-00007



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Hi @ysraz!


Could you share a short screen recording which shows the app's behavior in action? That way we can get a clear understanding of how things look on your end. If possible, try connecting a different mobile device to your car's Bluetooth (a friend's or a relative's who uses Spotify would do) to see if the same issue would occur.


It's also worth checking your car's Bluetooth settings, as there could be something in there that's causing this.


Keep us posted on this. Cheers!

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