LG G watch 4.4W.2 update breaks spotify :(


LG G watch 4.4W.2 update breaks spotify :(

Spotify worked just fine before the update, now the previous/next controls do nothing any more. Not even the new volume control works, any one else find this?
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Re: LG G watch 4.4W.2 update breaks spotify :(

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I'm afraid i don't have a wear device to troubleshoot. I can only recommend trying a clean install of Spotify and if that doesn't work hit up support using the contact form.

Links to a clean install guide and the contact form can be found in my signature.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Re: LG G watch 4.4W.2 update breaks spotify :(

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Same here. Received the latest Android Wear update and unable to control Spotify at all. Even when music is playing, I don't even get a notification like I used to. Guessing that Google changed the API in a way that breaks. Controls and notifications working as normal on my phone.


Edit: Found that rebooting both phone and watch seems to resolve the issue. I can now control Spotify again.