Lagging and not switching/ playing songs


Lagging and not switching/ playing songs








Device Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System 

Android Oreo?


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Ok, I've tried to uninstall and it still does this. There is alot of lag. When I first bring up the app to play music I go straight to my playlists, and itll take for ever to load. Then when it does after 30 sec or more it wont pause or even let me change the song. I can clear the app from the task manager and it still plays. It keeps doing it. Any ideas?


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Re: Lagging and not switching/ playing songs

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Hey @Xpulse,


That's not cool! Could you try refreshing your offline devices? To do so, just head to the Offline Devices section of your account overview and click 'Remove All Devices'. Just as a heads up, once you click the button you'll need to redownload any offline tracks - so it's best to try this when you're connected to WiFi.


Let us know how it goes, 



Re: Lagging and not switching/ playing songs

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Hi Tom, thanks for the feedback and for sharing the potential solution.


I was having the same issue (iPhone 6S, iOS 11 latest update) and apparently this have fixed the issue since I had 3 offline devices and I don't know where this list came from since I only use the offline feature in my iphone.


To avoid this in the future how the offline devices are created on my account? Is there anything I should do to avoid such an increasing offline device list?


Thanks in advance!

Re: Lagging and not switching/ playing songs


Hey there @Caputo,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop!


Glad to hear that after removing your offline devices everything's working as it should once more 🙂


To reply to your question, when you make content available for offline use from your device, this is reflected in your Offline devices list. However, if you, for example, have only one device, but see two same ones in that list, it'd be a great idea to remove them and perform a clean reinstall of the app afterwards.


If you would like more info on your downloads, you can head here and here.


Hope this helps!




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