Lagging/stuttering Samsung Galaxy S9

Lagging/stuttering Samsung Galaxy S9







Samsung Galaxy S9 SMG960F

Operating System

Android 8.0.0 Oreo


My Question or Issue

The songs keep lagging from time to time, especially the first song I listen to in any playlist (even offline), even if I'm using the phone speakers, bluetooth or AUX. Sometimes it also happens in random songs in the middle of a playlist or queue, and sometimes several songs in a row, or several times in the same song. It appears that the app is trying to speed up to catch up for the time it has lost, which makes it even more annoying. It has done this since July, and even though I have uninstalled, cleared cache, reset the app, moved playlists back and forth between memory card and internal memory or anything else with the app, it keeps happening.

The only mode that is on apart from necessities, is medium power saving mode.

Please help, before I go nuts...

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I have the same problem. Doesn't matter what I play. If I use Bluetooth headphones or phones built in speakers. It large stutters and distort parts of the songs.


I never had this issue on any other device.


Please fix this right away.

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