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Liked albums not showing up in liked songs

Liked albums not showing up in liked songs


I've got a recent issue whereby when I like an album, the songs in the album no longer show up in "liked songs". Instead, I have to go to my liked albums to find the songs in the album. Until recently, anytime I would like an album, all the songs in the album would automatically go to my "liked songs". After all, if I like an album, it means I like the songs in the album, right?


This is really frustrating, since I treat my liked songs playlist as my music library and just go in it an listen on shuffle. Now it's quite a bit harder for me to add an album to said library, since i need to go and like all the songs in the album. There's the option to "like all songs" but then the album doesn't get saved to my "liked albums" for when I want to listen to just the album and I have to go do that too.


If I save an album, I want to save the album itself and all the songs in the album. How do I do this?


Why do you guys keep changing the app? It was FINE before. Now you're just making everything more difficult for your customers.

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Hey @Harimuu ,


Welcome to the Community! I hope you're doing great.


I recommend you to check out this Spotify Answer to get to know better the new Your Library.


Hope this helps 🙂

This doesn't help. All it says is that liked albums will not show up in liked songs. I already knew that, it's basically what I said in my question...

I hate this update. Why cant it be a setting to have it work the way it used to? This is making want to find something else.

Hi, I've created a small app that will help you like all songs from the albums you have liked. You can find it here:


You will likely need some IT skills in order to run the application and create an account on I've tried to leave some steps in the code repo in order to run it but if you have issues feel free to get in touch.

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