Liked and Downloaded songs dissappearing


Liked and Downloaded songs dissappearing



Premium Duo




Motorola E4+

Operating System

Android 7


My Question or Issue

After the recent update, not only did I lose my entire library of more than 3000 songs, but after going through the (completely unnecesary) hassle of re-liking and re-downloading them, they don't STAY on the liked songs playlist. They appear for a moment but the time you close the app and open it again they're gone. Said problem doesn't happen either on PC or Webplayer, so I just made my own "liked songs" playlist from there (Again, a completely unnecessary hassle) but there is no way for them to KEEP showing up as downloaded (Even if I spent an hour re-downloading, next time i go off and try to play music without internet they simply don't play).

Tried rebooting the device, with and without the SD on, Am on the latest firmware available and have no issues with any other music App.

Should I just give up on Spotify and cancel my subscription or is there a way to make things work?