Limit Play Queue to just one play of album

Limit Play Queue to just one play of album


Hi, when I use Spotify at night, I only want it to play an album once and stop there but it seems very difficult to get Spotify to do this. I want to be able to fall asleep listeing to music and not have music playing all night.


I create playlists for the album and play them. I make sure that the repeat button is off and that shuffle is not selected; however, Spotify keeps on adding tracks that are not in the album to the playlist or repeating the album, meaning that Spotify plays on through the night.


I am reasonably tech savy and cannot see how to do this.


Any help appreciated.


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Hello! I have been using an app that stops music in the time you set it for if you're using android click here to download. As for iPhone I don't know any apps.


Happy Spotifying!


Hi Erick - I've actually installed your app on my main phone already but I am using Spotify connect to play through an old phone that is connected to my stereo, it didn't work from the main phone - I suppose I should install it on the old phone as well? This will be a pain as I will have to remember to set it up before I get into bed. 


The issue is that your app, as welcome as it is, should not have to exist! Play for an hour (or whatever) should be a Spotify feature.


I really just want Spotify to play just an album, once, without my having to jump through multiple hoops.


Thanks though!




Sorry for taking the credit of the app (I'm not owner) and it actully can play a single album and then stop... I do that sometimes. You just choose the album you want and save it, then play the first song or shuffle it. Let's say the album has 12 tracks. When they are over it stops.


Did this help?


Ha re the app - thought you were the developler!


Are you talking about the Spotify Android app in your last post? Because it does not do this for me. I save an album as a playlist and when I try to play it, the play queue expands beyond the album.

I'm talking about the Spotify app yes, very weird tho it expands your queue... try saving an album as it is, not as a playlist and play first song or shuffle.

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