List liked songs by artist is no longer available


List liked songs by artist is no longer available


Plan: Premium
Country: Hungary
Device: Xiaomi MI 8 Lite
Operating System: Android 9 and MIUI Global 10.2

Spotify version:


2 weeks ago there was an update. After opening the Spotify app, on the bottom, I tap on the "Your Library". Before the update, inside this, I saw the artists and I was able to browse them. Now, there are no options to list the liked songs by artist. The only option is to list all of the liked songs inside Playlists and play them from there. There is a playlist named "Liked Songs" I need to go through them one by one. When I tap on the artists tab, there is nothing there, only the "add artists" option. I would not like to add anything, I already added my music to the library, thus I expect them to appear in the mobile app, listed by artists. Like before the update.


My colleague also has Spotify, exactly the same version, his application looks compeletly different, but he sees the songs listed by artists. Looks like I am part of an AB testing group, I would like this to stop. The application is not usable in the current state.