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Local files won't play on cellphone

Local files won't play on cellphone






Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System

Android Oreo,


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I am using Spotify for quite a while now and never had any problems.

But since last week I can't play my local files on my mobile device. I downloaded them several times, renamed them, tried multiple folders, reinstalled the spotify app and downloaded the playlists again but it is always the same.


I can play them on my desktop and I can also see them in the playlist I put them into (can see them even on my phone in the playlist) but they are all grey and automatically get skipped.


I haven't found anything like this topic, maybe I overlooked something but I'd really appreciate some advice 🙂

(If somethings unclear about the sentences let me know, I am not a native english speaker :D)


Looking forward for some answers 🙂


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