Local numbers on other devices

Local numbers on other devices







Huawei P20 lite

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

 I have seen some of the other forum posts for this but they don't help.

I have in I'll the devises around 300 numbers downloaded but I have 1 local song on my PC (an hour with win10) and it just doesn't work

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Hi @Rlychilguy,


     If your problem is with downloading songs on multiple devices, I'm pretty sure you have to do it seperately for each device. When you download a playlist on your smartphone for example, it will not be downloaded and offline on your computer. You can easily do this with a click of a button in the playlist, however.


Hope this helps! Leave a like if it does.


I can see the number in the playlist it's just grayed out and I can't download or play the song

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