Long titles hard to read on mobile phones

Long titles hard to read on mobile phones

On albums with classical music, the titles are often quite long and this becomes a problem on my mobile phone. For example, the titles of Bach's Christmas Oratorio all look like this on my Android:


"Christmas Oratorio, BMW 248: Part X, X, Rezi... / Arie ... / Cho... " etc, which makes it impossible to choose a particular song.


One problem is that the titles don't scroll automatically, but the thing that I would like some help with concerns the fact that the picture of the album cover automatically appears. Is there any way to disable it? It takes up a lot space, which in my case could instead be used to leave room for the long song titles.


And besides, I don't find it very interesting to know what the cover looks like, something a lot of people would probably agree with.




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