Losing Volume Control with Chromecast


Losing Volume Control with Chromecast

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Well, my problem of Chromecast randomly disconnecting with Spotify stopped with latest update (to Spotify) - but I'm experiencing another isue: I frequently lose volume control on my phone.


For instance, I’ll try turning the music down and notice I’m turning down the phone’s ringtone instead. All other functions work; I can pause or skip songs, I can change playlists, etc. - just no volume control.


I've tried all the usual debugging steps; uninstall/reinstall apps, check for updated versions, reset chromecast, etc.... The only fix is to close the app and relaunch it – and then a short while later, it’ll lose volume control again…


Since I'm not always adjusting the volume, I don't always notice if there is a problem. But I do know that sometimes I have no problems for days, other times I notice it several times within an hour or two.


Here're some of my details:

  • Samsung S6 
  • Android 7.0
  • Spotify
  • Chromecast 1.24.8807 (Chromecast 2nd gen)

Any help with this is much appreciated.

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Casual Listener

Still happening.. Very annoying

Samsung S8

Android ver. : 8.0.0

Spotify ver. :

Casting to a Google Home speaker.



Yeah, same here 😞

Music Fan

Yep, still not fixed.

Casual Listener

So I played around with the settings on my Samsung S8, haven't read the complete thread sorry if someone has already tried it .


I have swedish language on the Android os but this is what I changed, translated to English best I could:

Settings - device maintenance - Battery - battery usage - three dots upper right corner - battery Optimization - All apps


Then you disable optimization for Spotify and all other streaming apps like Netflix Viaplay and so on. 


It has worked for me since the change, hope it works for you too .


Same here: Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S9


This bug is over a year old. Please fix!

Casual Listener

Still present. Nokia 8, both with Oreo 8.1 and with Pie 9.0 Beta.

Casual Listener

Workaround.. Open Google Home app and volume control should work, but this is hassle. 

Casual Listener

Same problem with Pixel 3a, Android 11. It's intermittent and happens most often when Spotify is in the background. Because it's working now, I can only show screenshots of what *doesn't* happen when problem is happening. When Spotify is in background, the onscreen volume control with Chromecast icon at bottom does not show.