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Losing all downloaded songs after external SD quick disconnect

Losing all downloaded songs after external SD quick disconnect

I have a Zenfone 2 with an external SD card in it and I always save my downloaded songs there. Sometimes my SD card disconnects and reconnects (I believe it's an android issue as I tested my SD card on my laptop with no flaws). When it's connected again I reopen Spotify and it's configuration changed to local storage instead of external SD and I just can't get my songs back. I need to re-download everything even checking that the app folder is still full in my SD card. Isn't there a way to restore my songs after a SD disconnect?
PS: Spotify wasn't even open when the disconnection occurred.
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Spotify runs as a background process so when your SD card ejects, spotify creates a new empty cache in internal storage. Sadly, this means that it will no longer see the cache on the SD card so all you can do, is to delete the old cache, reset the storage location to SD card and redownload.


I don't think this is an android issue but either a defective SD card or a fault with the phone. I had a similar issue with my S7 which I sorted by replacing the SD card.

Thanks for your reply. I did believe it was an android issue because this is the third Android phone I have with a third SD card and the same issue occurred on all of them. I do believe that cache location configuration should always remain in the local storage and if SD card is not located the user must decide what to do. I will buy a new SD card, a new phone just to find out that the issue remains.

There's no chance users can decide what to do if the SD card is not located? It should be pretty simple to implement.

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