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Lyrics won't show due to "About the Artist" info showing instead

Lyrics won't show due to "About the Artist" info showing instead

With the latest update, artist information takes the place of lyrics for some artists. Considering there already is a way to see artist information, but no other way to see lyrics, this chage doesn't seem like it was thought through.

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Spotify is really making it hard to like their platform. Instead of moving forward they are pushing back for some reason. Why would they remove such an important feature? This is stupid

Please ask Spotify to change it back to how it was i.e. show lyrics and IF we want to know about the artist, we can use autonomy and do this if we so wish. This possible ‘alteration’ you speak of is useless! There is no other way to see the lyrics and I certainly do not wish to perform multiple steps to see the lyrics where they were once easily accessible. Considering Spotify has recently increased their prices, this useless feature is very disappointing and your competitors are looking appealing. 

If I may, the app version I am using is and I am on an apple device with the latest software. Below please find evidence of this issue. I have included a view of a song where the lyrics are clearly seen and one where the lyrics are not available and the ‘about the artist’ replaces the lyrics, a most annoying feature!!


You truly are not listening to us! This is happening on our mobile phones. We want access to lyrics like we used to have once upon a time before you introduced this annoying and useless update. 

This is certainly not an ‘improvement’! Also, ‘temporary’? It’s been months! 

I came back with the hope Spotify had listened to our frustrations and requests to change this issue. Seems they do not care and continue to offer this poor service. I may walk and go with another music player that doesn’t have this issue. They add insult to injury with their new extortionate price increase yet cannot fix this simple issue after us the consumers who are keeping them going have requested this issue to be resolved. 

Honestly logged in just to see everyone who can't stand this update. We need option to see lyrics. It's ridiculous to take it away and not give any option to users. 

Hey how about instead of posting copy pasted replies and asking us to “Accept it as a solution”, you perhaps listen to your customer base and just revert the change? It’s not so hard

Just adding my voice to the crowd- Spotify's Lyrics feature was always very helpful, please bring it back ASAP.

It has been 4 months and the issue still hasn’t changed there aren’t lyrics for songs that used to have lyrics on mobile it is still replaced with the “about the artist” and it makes this very difficult because I’m a lyricist myself and I’m currently trying to study a bit more of word play in the rap genre and this is extremely bothering because synced lyrics are so much better than google lyrics

I’m going to go ahead and add my voice too, to say that it’s incredibly annoying to not be able to see lyrics, especially for those of us who use Spotify to listen to music in other languages to help with learning those languages. For the time being, until this feature is fixed, I’m going to switch to Apple Music. It’s really frustrating to find comments from four months ago complaining about this update and finding no response from Spotify other than “thanks for the info.” How about actually fixing it?

I can’t believe they haven’t corrected it yet. I don’t care about the story of the song. Even if I did, if I listen to the song ten times, would I want to know about its story ten times? Makes no sense. 

Bumping this!!!! There is no way to see lyrics on some songs!!! Please fix!!!!!

Please fix this. I am also having this issue. Honestly a bit confused that this was posted about in June and still not fixed. Please bring attention to this issue ASAP.

Please fix this, for the genius minds in Spotify, not everyone in this world is as smart as you guys are, who apparently seem to understand every existing language so you don’t need lyrics function to understand songs in the foreign language. But ordinary people and less capable people like us do need this.

This is incredibly frustrating and undermining the positive experience of the app. It’s an obvious ploy to further the agenda of monatizing the app as much as possible under the guise of information sharing anyone could get 100x more content with a single keyword search on the internet. It’s insulting. Do better Spotify 

Has to be one of the most stupid feature to add. May I know the name of the person who leads the UX team?

I sort of also have this problem. When scrolling down I can access the lyric but it isn't completely showing.

exactly!! so annoying. it seems to only be for bigger artists tho? i can see lyrics on some songs but not the others

Really, really infuriating.

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