[MOBILE][BUG] Followed artists not loading


[MOBILE][BUG] Followed artists not loading

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LG G7 ThinQ

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Android Pie


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The issue is that followed artists don't load in the artists screen, depeding on connection.  What I see is one of three things, based on my context:

1 - (on Wifi, but only sometimes?) The artists correctly load.

2 - (on data or on Wifi) The artists don't load.  It shows me suggestions to follow artists that I'm already following. 

3 - (offline) The artists don't load.  It shows me a message to follow new artists.


Screenshots show my screen on wifi, data, and airplane.


The point of mobile for me is that I don't need to have wifi to listen.  Before the update, this worked perfectly, including when completely offline.  I know this is probably a feature, but since its a regression from the previous version, I feel that its a bug.


My experience has been pitiful since the major update that changed the way library works.  The UX is objectively worse, since library used to work like every other library ever made, where 'artists' showed any artist for which you had a song in your library.  Now it is a bespoke solution, unique to Spotify, that in my opinion, is not intuitive.  I can't have part of an album and play that part.  I have to manually save each album I want.  I have to manually follow an artist I want, which isn't my intention.  I don't want to follow them, I want to listen to their music, so now you've forced my hand into something I didn't want.


I could go on for days, but you've probably head them all by now.


If you're going to make the user experience worse, at least remove the bugs.

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Re: [MOBILE][BUG] Followed artists not loading


Well at least I am not crazy - mine's doing the same thing. I'm on an LGG7 Thinq as well but I am in Canada not the US. The app experience on android has been extremely poor since the UI change and I hope that my comment will help get this post recognized even though this is a few weeks old by now.


While it is not ideal by any means, I've found a workaround for the time being:

- Search for an artist you know you are currently following and go to their artist page (this means you have to be online in order for this to work, unfortunately).

- If it says you are following them, unfollow them. If it says you do not follow them, follow them and then unfollow them again. 

- Reload your artist page. If your artists are back to normal, refollow the artist you unfollowed, otherwise, repeat the previous step.


This should fix the problem until you close the app fully next. Again this is ridiculous that you have to do this, but at least it is better than having to search for every artist you want to listen to.