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Missing/Deleted feature: Shuffle all downloaded songs

Missing/Deleted feature: Shuffle all downloaded songs




USA, however I use it all over the world.



Pixel 3XL

Operating System

Android v9


My Question or Issue

Before the latest Android update I could easily 'Shuffle all Downloaded Songs' but it seems like I can no longer do that. I can't even view downloaded songs as far as I can tell. I saw someone on Reddit suggested to Search for " " (songs with a space in it) but that didn't result in anything -- and frankly seems like a kludge.


Has anyone else run into this and figured out a fix?


I travel all over the world and very frequently don't have data/sim card in random countries so I would frequently open Spotify in offline mode to listen to songs in my downloaded library. Now that feature seems to have been removed. Any help would be appreciated!

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