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Missing album covers when offline

Missing album covers when offline

I am missing album covers when only using mobile Internet o my huawei p9. But when using wifi the covers are shown, Why? And yes i want spotify to only use WiFi and the album are downloaded.
3 Replies

I was going to report other problem and I saw this thread. I've also Huawei P9 and some album's cover is missing. Maybe Spotify didn't save the album cover but if this is a bug I can tell you I have the same problem.

Halloooo spotify, some help here or I will unsubscribe my family account.

I still have this problem. WHen wifi on album/artist cover show. WHen wifi is off only mobileinternet on more half of the covers are missing. And don't tell me that I should restart my phon or reset it. Beacause I did everyting.

FIX THIS. there are more issue that good thinks with spotify. I will leave if nothing happens.

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