Missing profile icon, social, following?


Missing profile icon, social, following?

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After the recent Android Spotify redesign to v8.4, my profile icon/photo is nowhere to be found. Hence, I can't find artists and users I follow and who follows me. This used to be under the Library tab. Can anyone point us to where social features are now located? Thanks! 







Moto g5 plus 

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Android N 7


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Re: Android 8.4: where's profile icon, social, following?

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I had a chat with support. They gave me a workaround: go to the Search tab, search for "Spotify:user:yourusername" where yourusername is replaced by your Spotify user name. From there you can tap into your social profile and functions to see your following list, etc.


However, I don't consider this as resolved or a solution. This is obviously an oversight or a bug. Until Spotify corrects this, this is going to be confusing for users who see the new Your Library screen (not all users will see this new Your Library screen)