Music Decreases When I open other apps especially games

Music Decreases When I open other apps especially games


Hi, I have Spotify Premium. I have a problem on playing songs while playing other games on my phone the volume decreases every time I open a different app but when I change or close the app, the music turn up again. How do I avoid this?

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My best guess would be that you have sound  for the app enabled on your phone, so my Samsung Galaxy S7 does the same thing, I silenced the volume in the apps other than Spotify in the apps preferences and eliminated the problem! Now that I did that no more decrease in volume! If the problem contiues to persist it may be a software thing where the apps aren't communicating correctly.


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I have the same problem. And I HAVE turned off music and sound in pokemon go. The moment I open it, spotify turns down the volume. There must be some solution??


Pokemon Go steals audio focus and causes other apps to duck (get quieter) just as if you received a notification. The fault is with PG as discussed in this Reddit thread and in other places.

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