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Music Just Stops Playing

Music Just Stops Playing

Hello to all:


Ever since they did the update to where Spotify remembers your last save point, the app will either stop playing music at it's own leisure or it will revert back to the save point wihtout an option to go to a particular point in a song (the progress button disappears.) I've been in contact with support on several occasions and yet, I'm still having this problem. I'm only using Spotify on my desktop PC (Windows 7) and my phone (LG Optimus G Pro, Verision 4.1.2). I have completed an uninstall/reinstall on my phone and I'm still having this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi. When you reinstalled spotify on your mobile, did you clear the cache first? It might be worth manually searching for and deleting any spotify folders before reinstalling.

Thanks for the quick response. I am trying that now. I will report back after I use the app again. 

I'm having the same issue.  It's been happening now for a couple weeks.  I thought it might have something to do with when the phone got an email or something, but it seems to be happening for no reason.  


Galaxy SIII, Spotify Version, Android  4.1.2

This might be this problem, which is not resolved yet (although it is marked as solved):

One other piece of my puzzle, I do have the Spotify 4x1 widget running on my phone's home screen as well.

I wonder about that too. When I hit the home button on my phone, the app returns to a previous saved point, where i can't scrub through the track itself. I have completed a clean install, let's see what will happen with that

I've read that. Sounds like it's a software problem within Spotify. 

This appears to be a problem that occurs when you are using the Spotify widget. I removed the widget thy that I had on my home screen and the problem went away. Now, streaming works as expected with no halting or black screen.

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