Music Randomly pausing on Android


Music Randomly pausing on Android


Hey everyone,


We've seen reports that the app will just stop playing music halfway through a song randomly.


First, please make sure that you're on the latest version of the app


If that doesn't help, make sure to click the +VOTE button.


You can also leave a comment with the following details:

  • Device 
  • Device OS version
  • Spotify version

Thanks for bearing with us!

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Top Answer

Hey folks,


For those of you who are still experiencing this issue we'd recommend the following:


  • Some Android phones have Battery Optimization enabled by default. This can hinder the performance of apps such as Spotify. This is why we'd suggest disabling it. You can check how to do this for your specific brand of device here.
  • Head over to this Spotify Answer, to learn why your app might be pausing playback and check if any of the suggestions work for you.

Hope you find the info provided helpful. We're always a click away if you need more help or have questions!

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Acchaz1989 is my spotify version

I have a galaxy s10+ with android version 9

Please help with this issue of pausing randomly. 

Bro,go to and click the sign out from everywhere. That solve my


Didn't work

Try to change password and of course, reinstall and clean all the cache
before reinstalling


Nope still having same issue


I have a Samsung 9+ and this is happening every single time I play any song. Driving me mad! Android 9 and Spotify is up to date. Currently a premium user but not for much longer if this keeps up. 

Sorry,tried my best.




actually, the problems keeps coming back every morning untill i log out from everywhere. it keeps showing me songs that played recently or playlists, which i never played them.




The only thing that I've found to solve the problem is to install and use Pandora. I'm curious if this solves anyone else's problems.


Yes. Canceling my premium and using pandora has solved my issue. Thanks for the advice! 


It's upsettings, as I really like the Spotify features. Pandora can't compete with those. However, this issue makes Spotify useless for me. I contacted Motorola, Jeep and Spotify. Motorola says it isn't them (won't look into it), Jeep says they won't support it (Spotify is a 3rd party app) and Spotify just says to reinstall their app. It's so frustrating to be the person stuck in the middle, and these companies don't appear to want to talk to each other and figure it out.



Well that's what happens when you're a billion dollar company and not willing to provide good customer service or any customer service at all. I try to contact spotify directly and it sends me to these forums like they are too busy to help me. 

Why I can't find Pandora in Google play? Can u guys explain more about
it,never heard about that app....and Spotify doesn't really look like they
care about their issues


Same problem the last 3 weeks... main device Samsung S8 with Android 9 (Oreo)...lot of Samsung versions.... and Yes...the May update..... so figure it out!

The same is going on at my TabS3 Android 8. Streaming music does pause / got interupted a lot. Only solution, go to the app, sometimes it resumes after touching the pause button, somtimes it restarts. This is the same for the app. Maybe you should take a look at the sleep timer.... 

And yes, i did the cache cleaning, reinstalling... and other Sh!t...So now it is up to you... and Deezer does support my devices aswell! 

So after a lot of tries,I succeeded (knock on wood) to solve my problems.
After deleting the app cache,sign out from everywhere, changing my password
and deleting the app completely, it seems to work as the good old Spotify I
know! Try this... only after changing my password,my problems was solved.
Try that one first.

Wish you luck!


Having the same issues as others. After the latest update my Spotify keeps cutting out. It plays but once my phone 'sleeps' it stops for a second until I wake my phone then it comes back on again. If I don't wake it it's off for ages.

I've never had this issue before in my years of paid membership. If you check Google play reviews others are having the same issue. 

I checked settings there's nothing set to stop aps in the background etc. Emails etc all still come through when my phone is asleep. 

Please fix, it's unplayable! I will not pay for this **bleep** service. 

I was frustrated like you..tried everything without solution. First,only
when I was sign out from everywhere (through it was working
fine just for the first time I opened the app (no issues happened) but the
issues keep coming when I closed the app and opened again....but I found a

After sign out from everywhere and deleting the app completely,I changed my
password.....that my friend, solve my issues completely and untill now I'm
fine. Please try this!


Same problem with Galaxy S10.


The pronlem is its only stops around 30 sec after the phone goes to the luck screen. Everytime


If not it also stops but less frequently.


Hope this gets fixed...


And Spirki, does your solution still work or do you encounter this problem again. Bofore trying your solution i want to have a little more garantee since I have some more devices to log in etc.

Yesterday there was a new update from Spotify on PlayStore , but that one did not help a thing.


Hope to hear from you!

Of course. Using the app for a week without any problems

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