Music Randomly pausing on Android


Music Randomly pausing on Android


Hey everyone,


We've seen reports that the app will just stop playing music halfway through a song randomly.


First, please make sure that you're on the latest version of the app


If that doesn't help, make sure to click the +VOTE button.


You can also leave a comment with the following details:

  • Device 
  • Device OS version
  • Spotify version

Thanks for bearing with us!

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Hey folks,


For those of you who are still experiencing this issue we'd recommend the following:


  • Some Android phones have Battery Optimization enabled by default. This can hinder the performance of apps such as Spotify. This is why we'd suggest disabling it. You can check how to do this for your specific brand of device here.
  • Head over to this Spotify Answer, to learn why your app might be pausing playback and check if any of the suggestions work for you.

Hope you find the info provided helpful. We're always a click away if you need more help or have questions!

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Hey folks,


Thanks for bearing with us thus far 🙂


There's a newer version of the app available. Please make sure to perform a clean reinstall of the app on your Android devices to check if the issue persists.


If it does, let us know the Spotify version you end up updating to so we can pass this on to our tech team.



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Hi there,

I did a clear reinstall with the newer version you said was available. If
anything it plays the music for less time now before it shuts off. Is there
no way to reset accounts? Or do you think it's the app with the OS that's
not compatible? My boyfriend and I have a family plan, he's with android as
well and his works with no hiccups.

Please advise.



For me it's the same as for @Mika_Izzie

Edit: Somehow that was just in the beginning while downloading all the music. Now it happens almost never with the new version. 


Hey guys,


Thank you for your reports. Our tech folks are still investigating this, so could you all let us know the following:

  • Spotify app version
  • OS 

Thanks in advance! 🙂


Hey there @Mika_Izzie,


Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


So we can report this to the right folks, could you let us know the following:

  • Spotify app version
  • Your device and OS version

We'll be keeping an eye on your reply 🙂

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Happening on IOS, WebPlayer Local Player and when played through Alexa devices as well and the biggest PITA is when I unpause the music, a different song is often queued up and sometimes already in the middle of the song. 


Sometimes stops and goes to Home screen and other times skips to next song.  Multiple Android devices.  LG V10, LG Gpad8.3, Pixel XL2.  Seems to be much worse on the LG pad 8.3 and V10.  But that may be illusion in that I listen more with those devices and almost never with the Pixel.  

V10 has Android 6.0

Pixel has latest version of Pie.

Gpad has 6.0

All with latest updates of Spotify



Android 8.0 Samsung Galaxy S9+ Verizon

USA if that helps any


I have the same worries. Latest version of Spotify, Android 8


Facing the same issue.  Its been a few months now. 

Current Versions:
Android: 9
Phone: Pixel 2

Notice it happens most frequently while listening to downloaded playlists.  Or listening via Bluetooth. 


One plus 5

Oxygen 5.1.6

Android 8.1.0



I have a similar problem. It always stops near the end of a song but randomly, so not always on every song. When I press play, it jumps back to the beginning of the song. Has done it when playing from my laptop as well. Have had the problem for months now and am considering giving up on this service as it is really spoiling my enjoyment of music.

I have unistalled/reinstalled app etc. tried tons of different settings combination, turned off battery saver, logged out of all devices and back in again. Nothing has worked. BQ Aquaris U plus running 7.1.1 and Spotify version


I have experienced this with several Spotify versions, and it returend with the latest update. My solution is to roll back to the original version (  distributed with my Xperia ZXz.


Device: Sony Xperia XZs

Android version: 8.0.0

Spotify version distributed in Appstore  08.nov.2018


 Nokia 6.1 just started doing it. Latest app version at time of writing. Just updated to Android 9, which I could believe may be related. It seems to do it primarily when playing through Bluetooth


Weeks of both my and my wife's phone pausing randomly, every **bleep** song, Spotify is driving us mad. Today I look for an alternative to Spotify family.




Same issues here, random pause / crashes, but ony when playing on bluetooth (car).

Spotify version: (Premium Family)

Phone: Sams. A8

Android: 8.0.0


I hope there will be another fix / update soon because this is very annoying and thinking of cancelling account / getting another app too...


Hi! Both on my Andriod (Samsung Galaxy A5), and on my computer (Windows 10) this happends to me. A few seconds after I'm listening to a song it just stoppes. I think it happend after I updated to the new update (23 NOV 2018). It have been like this in a few days and I can't listen to a single song without a pause, and that's really annoying. I LOVE Spotify but I can't stand this, please fix it as fast as you can! 


Hey folks, 


Thanks for the info so far. We want to assure you we're still looking into this and will get back with updates as soon as we can. 




Same issue here, brand new user, and this is my first impression. Stops playing pretty much exactly 10 seconds in, probably 9 out of 10 times. Once in a while I seem to get lucky and it works as it should, but again, that's probably less than 10% of the time (being generous).


How has this not been fixed in the months since it's been brought up? Is Spotify only going to charge me 1/10th of my bill since I'm only able to use the service 1/10th of the time? Lol seriously though, what's the deal. This should be something that is fixed within days.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Android 8.1.0




Unhappy Family Premium subscriber who is having the same issue as everyone else since the last update.

Spotify App is version installed on Samsung A5 (2017) running Android 8.0.0- have already cleared the cache and the data and uninstalled it... AND then waited 24 hours before doing a clean install.


It didn't cure the problem.


And to make matters worse, the other 3 family members - including one who has the same phone as me - are having no issues whatsoever...which is the only reason why I haven't cancelled the subscription 😞




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