Music not playing while on offline mode


Music not playing while on offline mode






South Africa 


Samsung Galaxy S8

Operating System

Android Pie


My Question or Issue

I have downloaded songs and playlists offline use but when I play on offline mode the same downloaded music it won't play until I deactivate offline mode. Had this premium package for months now and was working perfect on offline mode. My mobile data wouldn't be used up. Now I can't play unless I deactivate it. All I can think of that changed is a software update because 24 hrs ago it was perfect. 

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So I had this same issue (Galaxy S20FE) and went to my app settings to clear cache, noticed that all my permissions were denied (including storage). I allowed storage, cleared cache, and restarted my phone and now the download toggle is available on my Spotify library. 


I usually just go online and it fixes the issue but it is really annoying that it happens still.

Like this morning it was working fine then this afternoon it decided to grey out all songs, this with 24 days left to I had to go online.


You are out of luck if you are in an area without data for days.  

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