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Music not showing under artist

Music not showing under artist


Family Premium


 New Zealand 


Samsung Galaxy S6

Operating System

Android Nougat


My Question or Issue

So when I go into "artists" to see/listen to a specific artist's discography that I've saved, it normally presents no issue. I can see and listen every artist's whole collection, except for one: 5 Seconds of Summer. I can go into their discography through "artists", but I can't see anything. Nothing comes up. No songs, albums, nothing. However when I go into songs or albums and search for them, I can see everything thag I've saved. I just want to listen to them under artists. I've tried deleting the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, logging out and in again as well removing and redownloading all my data. Any help?

4 Replies

I'm having the same issue, but with Johnny Cash

OnePlus 3T

OxygenOS Version 5.0.8



I've got that exact issue with The Beatles. Have you guys found solutions?

Nothing yet.

I've tried uninstalling - reinstalling. Clearing cache. Logging into a different device (works fine on desktop). I can see the tracks if i go into the seperate albums.

There are a few threads complaining about this, from different countries on different Android devices, with no help from Spotify. It's great.

This is happening to me with Miracle of Sound, and is getting on my nerves. I have about 20 to 30 saved Singles from them, besides the albuns. I will have to go through each one and add them to a playlist if I want to hear them together.

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