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Music pauses randomly on certain music (linked with drumbeat?)

Music pauses randomly on certain music (linked with drumbeat?)






Huawei TIT-L01

Operating System

Android 5.1 


My Question or Issue

I recently bought new speakers and now, when using Spotify on my phone with these speakers, some music pauses randomly. There is no issue when using my old speakers or my headphones, or when playing directly off my phone's built-in speakers. However, the speakers have no issues when attached to other devices (e.g. PS4, laptop).


The weird thing is the pausing seems not to be totally random, but to be somehow triggered by particularly prominent drumbeats. For example, on many occasions the pausing has started when a track's intro has ended and the beat kicks in, and then the pausing stops when there's an interlude with no drumbeat. The gaps between the pauses also seem to be longer in tracks with slower beats: at times, in some very fast-paced songs, the music only played for about a second before pausing, then it would pause again a second after I hit play, and so on. The problem rarely occurs at all in music with no drums or where the drums are low in the mix.


Restarting my phone resolves the issue for a while (maybe a few hours, maybe a few days) but it keeps coming back.

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Hey there!

Are the speakers bluetooth? 

Sometimes when a phone loses bluetooth connection with a device, spotify will automatically pause the song.

No, they're ordinary speakers connected straight to the headphone jack.

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