Music randomly pausing, for a random amount of time


Music randomly pausing, for a random amount of time

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Samsung Galaxy S10

Operating System

Android 9


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Hi, I'm having a problem since a changed my Samsung s7 to a Samsung s10. I already tried reinstalling spotify and even making a clean uninstall (where you unlog from all devices and erease the cache from the phone) which worked for a few days and then the problem restarted.


My problem is, the music randomly pauses and comes back after a random amount of time, sometimes it's 1 second, sometimes it's 10. The music start starts again by it's own or if a press any button from my cell, or even double touch the screen and wake the phone up, and it happens a lot of times during the same song, making it impossible to use sprofiy. It normally occurs when the phone is with the screen off, but I've seen one or two times with the screen on while using the phone.


Like I said above I've already researched and tried everything. I'm a premium spotify user, but this problem is so annoying and happens EVERYTIME and SEVERAL TIMES in the same song, that if I can't solve this I'll stop being a premium user.


Ps: my spotify app is up to date


Help, please!