Music stops playing often when phone is locked


Music stops playing often when phone is locked

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Like many others, I have the problem where the music often stops playing for a few seconds (sometimes up to a minute or so) when the phone is locked. It now happens very frequently, sometimes several times during one song. This is pretty frustrating, and this is not what I expect from a paid service with millions of subscribers. I cannot comprehend why Spotify isn't getting this fixed. The incompetence it pretty staggering. If this isn't getting fixed soon, I will end my subscription (which I wouldn't like to do, but I am pretty frustrated paying money for an app that cannot perform its most basic function). Get this sorted, Spotify!


Two observations:

- It seems to happen more often in places with bad mobile coverage (even though it shouldn't matter, becasue I mostly play from downloaded playlists)

- When it happens, Spotify is almost always trying to download more songs, but gets stuck on the first song it tries to download (even though I didn't add any songs to downloaded playlists recently, and the song I am playing was added a long time ago, so that shouldn't be the cause of the problem).


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Re: Music stops playing often when phone is locked


I have not had a problem until today when I updated my S9 to the latest OS on the T-mobile network. Says I'm running Android version 9. One UI Version 1. 

Re: Music stops playing often when phone is locked


Hey there @DavidEerdmans ,


Thanks for writing to us in the Community! 


Please follow the steps in this post in the exact same order as given there and let us know if that helps. 


If it doesn't, feel free to go to this Ongoing Issue, click +VOTE and subscribe to get further info on the topic. 


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