Music stops playing on Samsung S9

Music stops playing on Samsung S9






Samsung Galaxy S9 

Operating System

Android 10 One UI version 2.0


My Question or Issue

This issue has been going on for ages, and there's been several Android updates and Spotify app updates. When playing on through the app on my phone, the music will stop randomly halfway through a song. Sometimes it happens after 2 or 3 songs have been played, other times it doesn't happen at all. It's getting quite frustrating 😞 I've noticed that the app has closed as well but is still at the same song.


I've tried lots of different things including clearing the cache, switching off Spotify notifications, and cancelling any apps that might be notifying during the playing. An incoming call doesn't stop the music though. Please help as I'm wondering if having Spotify is worth all the hassle and cost.

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Yes I'm having the exact same problem and it's really frustrating me.          It keeps stopping after a few seconds whenever I lock my phone or keep it playing in the background. And I'll have to go back into the app for it to play again. And it will start from the beginning of the song when I do this, and not from where I was up to before it went away.          It does the same thing when I pause it. It will disappear from my notification bar, and I have to open the app again for it to work.

Hiya, I had the same problem with my Galaxy Note 9. Music kept playing when the app was open, but once it went into the background it would keep closing every few minutes and I would have to reopen the app and play the song from the beginning again. 


I can't say I'm sure what the problem is, and I'm by no means an expert - but I just did a clean uninstall of the app and restarted my phone - then reinstalled it. 


It's working fine now, and I've been using it for the last half hour while doing other things. 






Thanks for this.


I'll give it a go, and hopefully it'll work for me too!

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