Music stutters constantly after a few minutes


Music stutters constantly after a few minutes

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I'm running Spotify on my HTC Hero, which is farily old but it doesn't have any problems playing music in the normal Android player. When I use Spotify it will play fine at first, but then the player freezes up and music stutters contantly.  It's as if it plays for a quarter second then pauses for a quarter second over and over.


It happens both while streaming and with synced tracks so I don't think it has anything to do with the internet connection.


Anyone else have a similar problem?

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Re: Music stutters constantly after a few minutes

Hey Darcy, let's get this sorted.

It might be worth checking your SD card for errors, as this might causing problems with Spotify.
Instructions for this can be found at

Otherwise, if there is an error with Spotify reading the content on your SD-card, please try the following:
1. Format your SD-card.
2. Unmount and remove the SD-card from your device.
3. Open Spotify in your device
4. Go to More » Settings and select "Clear saved data"
5. Close Spotify and uninstall it from your device: Go to Settings » Application » Manage applications. Choose Spotify and press Uninstall
6. Put back your card in your device.
7. Install Spotify from

Please also check the instructions for setting up Spotify to store offline music on an external SD card here:
Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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