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My blue tooth disconnects using Spotify

My blue tooth disconnects using Spotify

My bluetooth disconnects afte r every song then reconnects , I've been using Spotify for over a year this has just started happening
It is only when using Spotify
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Are you sure this only happens with a bluetooth head set? The same happens with the phone speakers? Or with a wired head set?

This started happening to me too. Disconnect after every song! Then reconnect after about 10 seconds. I have read online a lot of people are having this problem now someone needs to fix it soon because there are other options other than Spotify.

Yep. It's been an issue ever since the last mobile update.

Skipping a song, or when it naturally progresses to the next song will result in bluetooth disconnecting and reconnecting.

Absolute **bleep** show on Spotify's behalf.

Do you know if they're working on a solution? I'm ready to cancel premium and move on.

Easy solution for the moment is to install an older version of Spotify, and hope they fix it before too long.

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