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My offline playlists disappear and i have to keep re-downloading them onto my HTC Evo (Android)

My offline playlists disappear and i have to keep re-downloading them onto my HTC Evo (Android)

I am a premium member in order to listen to spotify on my phone and the offline playslists are a big part of why i pay.  I will download some playlists and then the next day open up spotify on my phone and they are no longer there in the "downloaded playlists" section and they aren't available offline.


is anyone else experiencing this? its incredibly frustrating. I downloaded a bunch for a car camping trip where i knew i wouldn't have connection and they lasted about six hours before disappearing.



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Same issue on One X. I have two downloaded playlists which stay downloaded and two which keep disappearing. The two which stay are my oldest two. No solution found for the other two though

I also have a one X but don't have thus issue so its not the phone specifically

Have you tried following the troubleshooting instructions in PerBonomi's sticky thread at the top of this forum?
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

I have a one x on premium but also have the same issue. Please help as its one of the main reasons for having premium.

@jaswil wrote:
I have a one x on premium but also have the same issue. Please help as its one of the main reasons for having premium.

Question is the same ... have you tried following the steps in PerBonomi's sticky thread at the top of this forum? See here:

If none of the steps in the first post work, then post back with a detailed description using the template in that same thread ...

Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

Providing according to template on this subject, occuring for me since last update. I have Galaxy Xcover but found two others at work with same issues, both on Galaxy SII. Have tried repeating



The songs I download do not stay downloaded and sometimes when attempting to download the lists "freeze up" and stop downloading. Once a list is downloaded it can magically disappear from downloaded files in an hour or two.

A more detailed description, using numbered steps

First, I updated my software on my workcell (Samsung Galaxy Xcover) and all seemed well. I downloaded 2 playlists for offline use. Going to work day 2 no lists were available offline. Tried downloading again. Lists froze up and did not download more than a few songs. Songs i listened to did however become available offline. 


Going to work day 3, no lists available offline. Rant about this at work and find out the problem is extensive, several others have the exact same issue. Try following exact steps but still, lists vanish.


Then fire up my old personal cell and bring to work, which then tells me ive got to many devices synced and it is therefore unsynced. Starting to doubt why I left my old mp3's in that old stationary in the attic...


Tried one last time just before writing, retried all the steps, re-installed, turned phone on and off and all in step five, but still, same problem remains.

Did you restart your phone at step 5?



What I expected to happen

Lists to be available offline after downloading them.


What actually happened

Lists seem to vanish or undownload themselves while not using Spotify for a few hours.


My phone

Samsung Galaxy Xcover


My provider and country

Telia, Sweden


My username



Hi folks, exactly the same problem for me on the Samsung Galaxy S3. I had spotify on the HTC Desire for 18 months and never had any problems. Since using it on the S3 (Android ICS) it just hasn;' ran as smoothly. 


Same problem I download a playlist and a few hours later it has vanished is is unavailable on offline mode.


Any ideas?

I found a very simple solution - uninstall (removing all data) and reinstalling. All has worked fine since.

Same problem here. I have followed all instructions in the sticky thread and more i.e. delete data / cache, uninstall, reboot, reinstall, redownload, offline, etc everything. I keep getting logged out randomly on my phone and my offline music disappears. I only need offline music on one phone and I am a premium subscriber so this is enormously frustrating. 


I have reported this directly to Spotify Support as well: ticket number 00163291. Please reset my linked devices if required, as long as my playlists won't disappear entirely (I mean the lists of songs themselves, not offline music)


Look forward to a resolution because I love Spotify and want to be able to keep recommending it as the best thing to have happened to music with a clear conscience! 



Same issue here, and ive seen a few threads here with all the same issue.

Same here, HTC one x. Some playlists stay fine, then I download some new ones, they are there for a while then 'undowload'. Uninstalled the app, started again (a right pain) now the problem is back.

Same problem here. 


HTC one S

Same problem here, downloaded music disappears all the time.

Am on 4.0 Samsung Galaxy S3, and I'm using /mnt/ExtSDcard to store music.

If I reinstall the app only using the latest version I cannot tell spotify to use the External SdCard, so I do need to start with an older version of the app. Since I have quite a bit of music (off my own) I cannot use the phone memory and need to use the ext SDCard. This is what made me ditch ITunes in favour of Spotify, but if I can't make this work I'll have to stop all premium accounts (for our whole family) and move everyone back to iTunes agin (which I don't like either)


Please Fix!!!

Same problem here. Galaxy s 1 with 16gb external card. I have one big-ish offline playlist which never survives more than a day or two without deleting itself. I did notice that there was a smaller list of only about 20 songs which has survived for weeks so wondered if it was something to do with the size of the list. Anyway, it needs to be fixed soon before I cancel my subscription, because it's the main reason I pay for it.

Had the same problem. I think I also know what the solution to this problem is. (there are many)

1. Spotify doesn't remove songs from your flash drive after you downloaded them and deleted them afterwards. This is because they want to reduce traffic if you download a song again later.

2. Spotifys folder structure. spotify has limited folders on the phone. (folders from 00 - ff) If the maximum on songs is reached which are in those folders spotify adds more if you sync but looses this information if you restart the app.


To Spotify: Please either read all files on the phone or clean up the local saved files which are no longer needed.



I've been having the same thing happen for like 3 weeks. HTC One X. I've removed Spotify, reinstalled, and didn't install updates, and it keeps happening. Very annoying as Ipay for Premium to enjoy the Offline music while on the Undergound. Each morning I go to listen and all the playlists have gone. Re-downloading them they download in a few seconds but if I lose coverage for any amount of time, they are gone again. I will give Spotify a few more days to fix, and then I will cancel. I'm not paying for rubbish.

I am having the same problem! This is really annoying and absolutely nothing I will continue to pay for if this is not fixed soon!!!



Same here.  Motorolla Razr.  Annoying as could be.


maybe to help Spotify pinpoint the problem, a few notes on my config:


- Samsung Galaxy S3 with an additional 16GB SDcard, running Jelly Bean, not rooted

- Up to around 14GB music replicated from my local music server, mainly my own music 

- less than 25 playlists, some imported from iTunes (the worst software ever ....)

- largest playlist has around 1500 items

- Also some Spotify playlists I have subscribed to


Since I disconnected my spotify account from Facebook I have not had the problem anymore (will murphy knock on my door now that I've written this down...?)

Yes, I did reinstall a few times, not recently anymore


Can you add your specifics to see if we find a pattern?

Spotify moderators, please do commit to helping us ..please? I have switched my whole household from iTunes to Spotify premium but won't be able to stop them from going back if we can't get this fixed.


We have an existing topic where I'd like you to post if you also have this issue.

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