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My premium account become slow

My premium account become slow

So first i clear data my spotify premium because i want to redownload all my song,and then i log in,and then the problem started,
When i'm log in my home and browse section won't load,at all,sometime its load when i log in log out for more than once,i tried my other account n there is no problem.
I already uninstall instal n then plug in plug out my sd card n the problem still there, i am so confused,i tried on different phone and it still the same,i just confused,what happened,
I use samsung j5 2016 with marshmallow,
If someone can help me solve the problem i will be so thankful,because i just renew my subscription and this problem happened.
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I've got the same phone and Spotify is also extremely slow for me. Pulling up playlists takes ages.

I already tried re-installing the app and removing my SD card but there is no change in performance of the app.

I start considering changing to another service because Spotify is currently not working at all for me.

Hello Rapmonsuga,


Sorry to hear the issue. and it seems that you went through as many steps as you can. I would suggest to clear the cache because their may be a cache buffer that has made your device slow.


To do so, just go to your Spotify settings and press delete cache and save data.


If this does not work, if you may, state your phone model so I may see if it is a known firmware bug.


Again sorry for the issue.



I think the problem is from spotify. When i give up and just log out my account n then asleep, in the morning i tried to log in again and it's act normal. I can log in and my playlist load and i can download normally again, but its kinda slow too, at least i can download again.
Is spotify android always running slowly at night? If it is i am not going to redownload my songs at night anymore. Its makes me really mad.

No it should not at all run slowly at any time of the day, it wasn't coded like that. I have no clue why the problem persists. Also I am not sure if you wiped your cache, but just a heads up it might be your phone and some other software interfering. It eems to be something new happening with you, so check out what you installed that might be limiting it like a battery saver app.

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