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My track gets skipped when I power off my screen


My track gets skipped when I power off my screen

Sometimes when I'm listening to spotify, especially if the app is on screen when I power off the screen, the track I'm listening to switches to another song in the playlist at random.

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@martastutzman @akos_crk


Okay, could you guys go here and remove all your offline devices, then please try another clean reinstall and see if this helps, This usually fixes most problems 🙂


Does this fix the issue?


Also, when the skipping occurs, are you in a low 3G/4G connection area?

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Hey @martastutzman , welcome to the Spotify Community!



Let's try to troubleshoot this issue with you:


First of all, please try a clean reinstallation. This can resolve many common issues. 


If you're still having trouble after a reinstall, please let us know the following details:


1. Exact Device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy 4)


2. Exact operating system (e.g. 4.4.2)


3. Spotify app version installed (2.0.0)


4. What are you doing when the app skips/ stops/ crashes? Is it when it opens? When scrolling through tracks? When searching? 


5. About how many playlists do you have?



If you could get back to us with those details it would be great. Thanks!

The weird thing is that I have a friend who has the exact same problem, but he has a Note 5. Also, this happened on my old phone too, which was an S4 mini. I'm starting to wonder if it's a Samsung glitch.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S6, running 5.1.1, and Spotify v.

What happens is that I'll start a playlist, either just shuffling or by specifically picking the first track, and it will start playing, but sometimes when I black out my screen right after, it will randomly jump to another song in the playlist. If I have anything queued to play after the first track, it ignores it, just chooses a random song. I have about 30 playlists.



If I am correct, Spotify 4.5 has been released, could you please update the spotify app?


Does this solve the problem?

I checked the app store, where I can see the version says its 4.5 that I
have installed. If you go into the details of the app on the store it gives
the version# that I gave you first though.



Okay, I am going to escalate this, we should get a reply from staff members soon 🙂



Okay i have gotten a reply from spotify staff, could you please confirm the following details for me:


  1. Is this happening over wifi or 3g/4g?
  2. If it it over wifi, is it a home network or a school/work network?
  3. Is this only happening with certain playlists?
  4. Have you tried a clean reinstall?



I Hope To Hear From You Soon! 🙂

Not entirely positive but I think I've only noticed it on the network, not
WiFi. It doesn't seem to matter which playlist I'm on, and I've tried a
clean reinstall.

Hey @martastutzman


Some follow up questions:


  1. When this error occurs, do you experience any other connection issues, or is this happening to synced tracks as well?
  2. Are you using any cache clearing app?
  3. How are you turning off your screen?

I Hope To Hear From You Soon! 🙂

No other connection issues, and it doesn't seem to matter what kind of
track it is. I always use the power button to turn off my screen.



Okay, just to confirm, do you use the power button to lock the screen or power off the device?

Yes, that's correct.

Sorry, I mean, yes I use it to lock the screen.



Okay could you please try a clean reinstall and see if this helps, This usually fixes most problems 🙂


Note: This will remove any saved offline tracks and cache 🙂 


Does this fix the issue?



Also, do you receive any error messages when the track skips?

No error message, it just jumps tracks.

I've tried a clean reinstall, and it still happens. It doesn't happen every
time, which makes it difficult to figure out why it does it.



Okay, i have gotten feedback from spotify 


Could you confirm that this never happens over wifi? 


Also, do you do anything different when the track skips compared to when your on wifi/when it is not skipping

I can't confirm positively, but I think it almost always happens in the
car, so it's a very good possibility.

I don't do anything differently when it skips than otherwise.

Hi guys,

Same thing here... I use a Galaxy S6 and it often happens. No matter if I use it by wifi, 3g/4g or offline. That's very annoying for me, I hope you can fix it soon. If you need any help just let me know!




Do you play o er speakers? Or do you play over your cars speakers? Or do you just play out loud from your phones speakers?

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