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NEw on Premium Family - "Premium Feature found" - can't listen to audiobook

NEw on Premium Family - "Premium Feature found" - can't listen to audiobook


Premium Family (currently free)


Samsung A5, Samsung A8 (2018), Windows 10 with Chrome and Web Player.

Operating System

Android 9, Windows 10

App Version


My Question or Issue


we are new to Premium Family (currently in the free test phase). Trying to listen to audio books from Marc-Uwe Kling. On Android a pop up shortly shows up and disapears saying, I discovered a Premium Feature ...


Even on the Web Player I can not play the "Känguru Chroniken".


Any idea?

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Hey @Axel73,


Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community, and congrats on signing up for Premium Family - let's see what we can do to get you listening to audiobooks on Spotify 🙂

First off, can you confirm that you're not able to listen to the audiobook on each one of the accounts on the Family plan, or does the issue only occur on your account?

In addition to this, could you let us know if you're getting that pop-up on your Android device for every track you're trying to play, or is it just happening with certain ones?


If it's the latter of the two, could you provide us with the URI of the specific tracks/playlists which aren't working? You can do this from the desktop app by following these steps.


Thanks! Keep us posted - we'll be here in case you need any further help.

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