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New 12.06.2012 release stops playing music in 5-10 min. intervals


New 12.06.2012 release stops playing music in 5-10 min. intervals



I had the beta-version until yesterday when the official, new Android app went online.

The new version stops playing music from time to time.

The startup screen (playlists) is also being a big "buggy" - just loading a blank screen. Hard restart of the app seems to fix the problem sometimes.


Running HTC One X with latest SW update.


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Please do let us know if it isn't fixed. And if not, please follow the steps in the troubleshooting topic:

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I am having the same problem and am really unhappy. What was working perfectly before is now essentially useless for my phone. I have a Droid 2, and the new app now either stops after 1-2 songs, or sometimes plays on but has no audio output (other audio output from the phone still works). Can someone from spotify please tell us why they released such a buggy app!! I'm going to have to consider killing my subscription...

I have the same problem. I pay for premium solely for the mobile app, and this has completely ruined the experience for me. 

Same here. Definitely not happy.

I'm having the same problem. I've tried clearing data, reinstalling, everything I can think of. At this point i'd be happy with an apk for the beta version so I can just sideload that. If it matters I'm on a Droid X running a custom ICS rom.

I also have this issue on my EVO3d running the factory Gingerbread ROM.  Everything else on this release is good and appreciated.  This issue is super-important though; it made me moderately insane on my recent 8-hour drive.  🙂

Happens to mine too, even with downloaded playlists. Seeing as how offline listening on mobile devices is my only use for Spotify I will be deactivating my premium account until they get this figured out. Running Android 2.3.4 on a Verizon Thunderbolt

After upgrade to ver. my phone sometimes also displays a white screen only for a long time when logging in.

Btw, I have a HTC Desire.

Just wanted to throw my "me too" in there. 


I use Spotify mobile primarily for my vehicle and I cannot be fiddling with my settings while driving so if this isn't fixed I don't have much of a reason to pay for premium to use Spotify on my Android.


I'm weighing my options of either downgrading the app or going to the cheapest membership until this is fixed.



Still not fixed. I've cancelled Premium since my phone is the primary reason for having it. Will resubscribe when fixed.

Got the same problem. The time seems totally random. Somtimes it plays 10 seconds before it says going offline and stops and clears the playlist. Sometimes a couple of songs. Cant find any reason for this. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!! I can record a movie so spotify can see whats going on. No reply from spotify!

I've had this problem too, ever since the update. It invariably stops playing at one point somewhere between 1 and 5 minutes (different each time) after starting to play a playlist. It's driving me crazy, and I find it incredible that they haven't managed to solve this by now. Come on! 

Same here since beta and now on official version. G2 stock. Really sucks. Will likely cancel until they fix it.

Same exact thing here.   Stops after 1 song, or sometimes before.  Offline content, wifi connection, 4G - doesn't matter.  Useless until this is fixed.  cancelled premium membership this morning.  Hate to see it go, but without this being fixed the premium membership is of no use.    

I'm having the same problem on my T-Mobile G2 phone even when I have 4G connection. Plays one song and then the next song is silent and will not play until I skip to the next song after that. Really irritating as the mobile version is the reason I pay for premium so I can listen to my own play lists when I run in the mornings and drive to work. If this is not fixed I will be cancelling my membership.

I have cancelled.

Also have same issue with HTC EVO 4G. Using Android 2.3.5 Spotify not sure if that matters.
Songs stops sometimes 10 seconds in sometimes 4 minutes.
Tells me I am Offline and kicks me back to the main playlist screen, then I am back on-line.  Doesn't matter if the song is downloaded or not or if I'm 3G or 4G.  Switching back and forth between 3 and 4G does cause it to happen, but not every time.  I've tried turning 4G off and turning Spotify Offline.  Still happens.
For me an increase in frequency is mornings between 4am - 7am PST.
The only solution that works for me is to turn my phone to Airplane Mode.  I know this defeats the purpose of having a phone but I really don't get a lot of calls in the morning.Another thing I found. It's usually the first song I play in a playlist.  Not necessarily the first song on the playlist just the first song I play.

Anyone try Airplane Mode on their phone see if it happens?  Talk about the worst workaround.

For some reason I haven't tried the Airplane-mode -fix yet... 🙂

But it seems like the connectivity is an issue. Spotify seems to be more stable with mobile and wifi disabled. I've seen several times that a songs stops playing while Spotify logs on/off.



I've added some clips to youtube about these severe bugs, maybe it'll get their g-d attention!


It seems to happen when the phone switches between 3G and H (which happens quite randomly and quite often in public places).

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