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New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem







Samsung S8

Operating System



My Question or Issue

With the new update to Spotify removing Saved Songs and replacing it with Liked Songs you can no longer have and album saved and songs from that album in your Liked Songs tab, which means I can no longer have an album saved to go back to and also a few songs from that you really like in the Liked Songs to shuffle through.


I'm all for the new changes , but if there is a way a song can both be in a saved album and Liked Songs , it would function a bit better.

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Is there a more efficient way to save every song (so they do also appear on the Liked Songs) on an album than to individually click-to-like each song?

If I individually click every song on an album, will the album automatically be added to my Albums or is it also necessary to click the higher-level like button to save an Album?


Thanks for any tips you might have to be more efficient in the new workflow! 

On mobile, click the three dots on an album and select "like all songs"

As I stated several pages back, if you are on Windows, click through to the album itself (showing only the songs from that album), Ctrl-A (Select All), right click, select "Save to Your Liked Songs".  The procedure is the same on Apple, I believe, just with whatever Apple's hotkey for Select All (instead of Ctrl-A).

If you "like" an individual song from an album, the album will be added/saved to your library (albums). At least that's the behaviour I observed.

Thanks for repeating yourself. I must have immediately glazed over your comment when I saw “Windows”, which definitely didn’t work to my benefit this time. Command-A is the Mac hotkey version for anyone else reading this. I appreciate your help!

@SpotAbBug Yep, that does the trick... Many Thanks

People put effort into curating a media library. If I had known that Spotify would eventually remove that ability I would have never signed up in the first place and made my own library with music on my hard drive. This is stupid, I'm tired of big tech companies deciding that they know how everyone wants to use their product, listen to music etc and removing the ability to do anyone else. Big load of **bleep**

To you and all of other folks in this forum - re: returning to Apple Music and/or if you began with Spotify and decided to jump ship (which is what I'd like to do), my biggest concern is, like many of you, I worked hard on what SONGS, NOT ALBUMS I wanted in what used to the known as the "Songs" list.  I now have a lot of SONGS in Spotify but they're not on playlists.  I want to transfer/import ALL that hard work and the FULL list of now "Liked Songs" from Spotify to AM.  Have any of you tried and/or successfully done this.  I don't just want the Spotify playlist; I want the "Liked Songs" list.  I hope this makes sense!  (What a ride this has been for so many of us - utterly awful customer service and lack of response from Spotify.). Many thanks!


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Thanks for getting in touch.


We've left an official response to this in the Ideas Exchange. You can find it here.


For now we’ve blocked replies to this thread.


Thanks for all your feedback. Have a nice day!

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