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New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem


New Liked Songs and Saved Albums problem







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With the new update to Spotify removing Saved Songs and replacing it with Liked Songs you can no longer have and album saved and songs from that album in your Liked Songs tab, which means I can no longer have an album saved to go back to and also a few songs from that you really like in the Liked Songs to shuffle through.


I'm all for the new changes , but if there is a way a song can both be in a saved album and Liked Songs , it would function a bit better.

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we, as paying customers of spotify, should NOT have to fix this ourselves!  Instead, Spotify should return to previous (AND well-liked, easy to use) version.

Spotify doesn't care about it's users having a good experience. They care about their advertisers and the companies that buy the user data. That's why they design the platform for maximum use-time and NOT convenience/ease-of-use.

I think they've heard from so many of us, one would think something has to give, but then again...  Anyway, I just sent this to them (attached); it covers 3 different discussion forums where I noticed there weren't many customers on board with this update at all.


Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 4.01.31 PM.png

My main issues was that I wanted to clear out my liked songs, but didn't want to unsave them to my library. I was able to clear out all of my liked songs to start over and it didn't mess with my library. I can still see all of my saved albums and artists. 


I make a ton of playlists and thats how I normally listen to my music, so I wasn't too worried if the songs deleted from my library, I just didn't want them to mess with the playlists I had already made (but it didn't so we're all good). Other than that, I like the liked songs feature, I just wish they would bring back the option to shuffle all songs in your library like they had before. They still have the Albums and Artists options, but not the Songs option anymore. That would be the one thing that I would want fixed.

I am currently testing other streaming services and logged into youtube music, tidal and deezer. I always encountered the same issue. saving an album brings said songs into the album category, not in the songs category, so it's impossible to shuffle all songs and deleting a song in the song category doesn't erase it in the album. In short, there is no link between sections and that sucks! same new track management as spotify.

I finally tested APPLE MUSIC and i think I found my solace! I'll give you the full results shortly.

Pretty weird though to install apple on an android. makes me feel all funny

Yes Apple Music has a strong adherence to the concept of a personal library, which is great. It has plenty of flaws though so be careful of falling into the trap of thinking any particular service is going to answer all your troubles! They are all flawed 🙂

Hello dear, i am a premium member, so i pay every month. Why i have to spend my time to arrange this? If i save the songs, i would like to play them as saved songs randomly, why i have to go to albums, than click somewhere “...” and bla bla bla!!! Please explain me in a logical way!

I was a happy premium subscriber for 3+ years. 

The recent update(s) completely messed with my favorites list. The way how I used Spotify was like this:


- Add all albums that are interesting to me to my library

- Listen to these albums using the "Albums" tab

- Mark the tracks I really like as favorites


I could then play the favorites playlist and always had music that I really liked. I loved Spotify and recommended it to a lot of people who also became subscribers.


After a recent upgrade I know found 1000s of tracks added to my favorites list. Seems like you added all the tracks of every album in my library to it. This essentially means that I lost my favorites list, because there is no way I can seperate the liked songs from all the songs you automatically put in there because I added the albums that include these tracks to my library.


How can you make such a change. Don’t you do UX tests? Really, this is becond me how something like this can happen!


I am evaluating Apple Music now. I don’t think they would do such a drastic change that leads to a data loss of such dimensions. Data loss as in data polution which in my case is the same—I can no longer play my favorite music because of your changes.


I am holding off on my Spotify premium subscription for a bit, hoping that you give me a way to remove these songs that you without my will put into my liked songs playlist. But I am not very optimistic. Seems like we have to split ways Spotify.

Am I only one without the issue?

Or is it because I sign up/install app after this new update with "Liked songs" playlist?


I seem to be able to save bunch of albums I'm interested in. They show up in Albums tab of My Music. But nothing is added to my Liked Songs playlist unless I like individual songs by pressing the ❤️ icon.

You might have picked it up after the change. Users who have had it longer are upset that they messed with the ways to build your library. You basically can't have a Songs tab anymore, to see all the songs you've added as opposed to just the ones you've given a heart to. This also has the problem of adding your entire saved library from before this change into what was your favorite songs playlist.

I recently switched from Apple Music to Spotify. Have to say it was so good with multiple devices and I just loved the wide options but this library system is literally useless. Liked songs and playlists should at least be allowed to made into groups by albums or artists or whatever crieteria I want. I don't really get this change or who asked for it. Well I'm back to AM. Library system is way better and the AI recommendations were much better. The device support and app experience was great but this library management is unacceptable. Funny part is that I don't even own an iPhone. I use Apple Music on Android. Even with the heavy sluggish app, it's just simply easy to find stuff. I'll still follow this thread to know if it's fixed in the future. Untill then, Au Revoir Shoshanna!

Thought i found something.... nevermind! 

It would be extreamly helpful to have a menu option where you can add all the songs in an album to the Liked Songs list.


Here is an example where this is very very useful:

New Spotify user. They have a large amount of albums that they like.

They would like to be able to play any of the songs randomly from all of these albums.

They have to go into each album and add each song individually and this is extreamly labourious.


This is actually the senario I faced when I first joined spotify, but then you changed it so that when you added the album to your library all the songs were added to the Liked Songs. I was very happy when this happened.


But even if you don't add this back, it would be extreamly helpful to have a menu option added where you can add all the songs in an album to the Liked Songs list.


@Thavth you can do this already. Click the ... icon when viewing an album.

Exactly why I'm furious, it's basically Facebook-ized my entire music library. I don't care about Liked Songs, I had a very carefully curated list of Albums and Saved Songs, even Playlists, and they completely changed the behaviour of the entire platform to cater to people who follow their friends and 'Like Songs' with their annoying heart icon.  This is a platform to listen to music. 

Your saved songs will now appear in a playlist called Liked Songs, as you mention.


From now on, saving an album won’t automatically save the songs within that album but an entire album that will show up under Your Library > Music > Albums.


Just saying... this is stupid.  It could be worded more like this...


Saved songs will appear in a playlist called Liked Songs....  unless you save the album.  In that case then you've got to go through a 3 step process to add each specific song to your liked songs...  because a majority of our users want to use their mobile device space to save and download albums without them being easily listened to.  


Without the sarcasm, I can see where someone might want to "save" an album without adding the whole thing to "liked songs".  It really makes no sense though that if I download the album to my device that I've got to go another step to be able to then play it.  

@lemmonbottle There is no opotion to add all the songs when clicking ... when viewing the album. There is "Save to Your library", but this only saves the album. It does not add all the songs to the "Liked Songs" list.

Okay so i have been testing Apple Music for a week now.

(I also tested youtube music, deezer and tidal: but these all work like spotify now)

Apple Music works perfect. Its pretty sluggish (on PC and Android) but song management works 95% the same as spotify before this stupid update.


Honestly, don't stick to a service that you can swap in 10 minutes. And what's more, you'll get 3 months free!

Ciao Spotify, you won't be missed. I grew too many grey hair because of you.

BRAVO!! I will be looking into this and highly likely I will tell Spotify to kiss off. Nothing but BS. 

It will feel weird trying an Apple app on an Android, but I think I'll get over it quickly if I like it enough. Thanks for the tip

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