New UI question (how to filter songs?)


New UI question (how to filter songs?)

Music Fan

Another great change, instead of fixing shuffle for example.

Anyway, let's say I want to play all of my songs from given artist (all saved/liked songs)


Previously I would just go to my library, press on filter, input a few characters and done, I can press play and only those songs will be played.


However, now this has been replaced  with search function which doesn't work in this way, because playing a song on search screen will play only the song, and then continue with normal queue.


Going to album/artist page and pressing shuffle will play all the songs, not the only I've added. And even if it did, it's still like 10 user actions more. Are you guys seriously "listening to the feedback" as mentioned here

It seems you're makin the app worse and this is so freaking frustrating. People are paying for it, it's not a free thing. Now I have to waste my time writing this post just to ask one thing, why would you strip essential function as filtering from the app? Cannot it be consistent across platforms? Hope you won't bring that to desktop too.
Number of votes says everything.