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New, unwanted artist keeps starting the app

New, unwanted artist keeps starting the app

Whenever I stop playing  and leave the app off, it somehow finds a new, unwanted, and never before heard of artist, starts, the app and whatever I was listening to before goes away. At one point it even interupted when I was listening to something else. What is this???? Who is Lee Tu Ngyen? Please help!!!!

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Hi. This has been experienced by other users before as a search on "Lee Tu Nguyen" shows. It's likely someone else has managed to access your account so please try the following.

  • On your account page, click the "Sign out everywhere" button
  • Change your password to something strong and not used on any other site or service


Hopefully that will fix things but, if you still have the same problem, use the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it by email and you will hear back from one of the team shortly.

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