New user, change in UI, my library on Android is useless

New user, change in UI, my library on Android is useless


Premium (joined spotify & prem on Dec 2018)


Samsung S8/ Android


My Question or Issue

Two months after joining Spotify I noticed a change in my library (mobile version). After spending a considerable time building it up, all of a sudden it turned into a "liked songs playlist". The option to see my library divided by Artists, with the songs I personally added disappeared. Moreover, I am not able to add specific songs to Artists now. I am left with the option to "follow" the artist and browse their entire discography whenever I want to listen to them. Something simmilar happened to Albums. 


 I am not interested in spending time creating endless playlists (which may disappear as well in future updates). I am expecting an automatic and intuitive sorting of my music for the price I'm paying.  


I've waited for more than a month for these features to go away. I was going to cancel my subscription now, but preferred to write before. I want to know if there is a way to regain the old functionality of My library or if you have plans to stop testing this user interface on my account any time soon?








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 I would just uninstall and then install it again. 


Hi there!

With the new update, normally only the 'add' button changed into a 'like' button. The function has stayed the same, only the logo and name have changed. Unfortunatly there is no way to go back to the old versions of spotify since the app is updated regularly. I would recommend for you to make playlists in stead of only 'hearting' the songs. Playlists are solid and have little to no bugs. It's the best method to make sure the music stays where you want it to be. Spotify is working on making the app the most enjoyable and bugfree experience possible.


Hope this helped!


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