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I installed the old version and set it up to store music on the sd card.  However when I go to the Goolge Play store, there is no option to update to the newer version.  On Play Store page I only see "uninstall" and "open."  The app also does not appear in my list of installed apps under the Play Store settings, though it is clearly on my phone.  Any ideas how to update to the latest version while keeping the sd card settings?  Keep in mind I am very new to Android, so perhaps I missed something simple.  


EDIT: Well I manually installed the current spotify app over the old version, and everything seemed to be working fine with music still downloading to my SD card.  Then when I go to use the phone today, all of my downloaded playlists are gone.  I'll try again, but if it doesn't work I'll probably try looking into a different music service. 


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Any idea how long it will take Spotify to fix the the Spotify app and this thread will stop being discussion for possible hacks and workarounds that only work 20% of the time?

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I'm trying to merge together or close multiple topics on this matter, as there are great deal of threads relating to one issue. I would recommend following this thread, as it seems to have got the most response. This way, we can keep updates all in one place, and you can know as soon as we have something on this matter. 


I'm going to lock this thread for now. 

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