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No Video Shows on Nexus 7

No Video Shows on Nexus 7

My Moto E phone received the latest update to Spotify, which includes Video Shows, some time ago. My Nexus 7, however, has not received the update. Is there a recognized delay in updating the Nexus 7? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app, but that made no difference. Any suggestions?

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I have similar experience with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4: spotify updated yesterday, February 4, but I see no shows or podcasts available. 

A couple of days ago, when I turned on my Nexus 7, there was a Spotify update that I installed. That didn't change the appearance of the app immediately, but the next day, when I turned on the tablet, the new version with Video Show was included in Spotify. I don't know if a reboot is necessary after the update, but it might be worth trying.

I habe the same problem with Samsung S5 (Lollipop). Updated my Spotify app but there's no 'Shows' button at all.

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