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these posts are from September this is now November this is risen again what is going on I get a no internet connection available message at the bottom of my screen ( Samsung Galaxy Y)... Spotify works fantastic with no problems on the Kindle Fire HD, and my laptop. not even a glitch what is going on? this is my main source of entertainment with Spotify as I use it forwalking and exercise... A irritanging. it started when I changed my email address on Facebook, and of course everything went "haywire". HELP.... everything's fixed but this! And I to tried to erase the app from Facebook and my phone and reinstall to no avail.

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I guess I tried something radical and rather silly... I just ignored the no internet connection warning, and just used the Spotify as normal, and guess what
" it bloody well WORKED"!...
I just use Spotify as though that message of no internet connection was not even there waited a moment for the download did not wait to see that it was downloaded then started pressing my playlist and it worked.

give it a try I would like to know if it works for you as well. don't know how long it will work because many solutions don't seem to work very long and perhaps we'll have to do it over and over again until Spotify actually find a solution.
but good luck J.

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  I came here looking for answers but I have foundsomething that works for me. I have not read the whole thread so sorry if I am giving out old advice.

 I had the no internet thing all morning on my  Sony Arc  S.  I fixed it by going to settings - apps - Spotify - force stop.  When I restarted Spotify it connected immediatly and has been fine for the last five hours.








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I had a long email conversation with Spotify's support team. Thanks to them for that! They gave me lots of advices how I could get the Spotify working.


After I had tried almost everything possible I decided to turn to network provider for help. I visited their store today and in like five minutes I had working Spotify.


The problem what was cause to Spotify not to work correctly was that in my phone's Internet setup I was using WAP-connection. I didn't know that because everything else than Spotify was working correctly. In the store they installed me the setups for mobile Internet- connection and Spotify started working instantly. 


You can check this from your Android-phone by following the next steps.


Go to:


Wireless and networks (More...) ->

Wireless and networks

Mobile networks ->

Mobile networks

Acces Point Names ->

Access Point Names.


And you get to this page

Access Point Names


Hopefully this would help somebody!

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I have had the no internet issue for a few weeks at least. It randomly works sometimes, and it seems like if my internet o nthe phone ever drops out- Spotify never recovers.


I have tried every trick:

-uninstall/reinstall Spotify

-clear cache

-force stop

-restart phone

-wifi on and off

-that mobile provider thing above

-log in/log out

-4G on/off


I am on the HTC One X with ATT and Ice Cream Sandwich OS. I did not have these issues until maybe two spotify updates ago.


Spotify needs a close button and a refresh internet button!!!!!!


I too am prepared to ditch Spotify as I mainly use the mobile app. FRUSTRATING!

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Don't quite give up yet!!!

After a couple of weeks of being frustrated with mine and trying many many different things here's what I did, its repaired it all I'm able to get on at anytime no "No internet connection available" message, no half available Spotify.
first I took off Spotify remove it from my phone.
second I reinstsled the app, but when it asked for my credentials my email and my password I did not hit the sign me up through Facebook button... I put in my email and my password directly on the Spotify page...
doing that that apparently removed the old information and put in the new...
( my case was that I have changed my email and password all of my applications, syncing them was quite the task.

I do hope that helps you... and again I know it is frustrating but don't give up, having music is such a beautiful part of our lives and I wouldn't give it up for the world please don't you give it up either...

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I appreciate the energy, but there are other companies that offer the same thing as spotify. We would be giving up on the company, not on music ;)


Plus I have heard that same solution except the other way around (used spotify login, but switched to facebook and now it works) and it also didn't work for me. Seems to be a crapshoot as to what works for who. Thankfully, the app decided to work during my 6 hour drive home yesterday.


It almost seems like Spotify gets in a bad state with the local cell tower, and the internet doesnt work until a tower exchange is negotiated by the phone.


Maybe i'm just paranoid....

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Thanks a million -JK-! I was suffering from seemingly random "missing internet connection" problem for a couple of months on my Android. Everything else worked fine, only Spotify wouldn't connect. Sometimes I could get the connection up by rebooting the phone but most often not. My provider is Elisa and while I had APN called Elisa selected, I had to choose Elisa Internet to get the connection working.


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There is no solution to this problem.


Spotify Support knows what causes the problem but they will not tell anyone.


This has been a problem for as long as Spotify Mobile has existed.


Whenever it happens I just switch to Grooveshark for a week or two until Spotify gets done **bleep**ting itself, trying Spotify once every few days until it starts working again.

Then I email Support and say "it happened again, can I have a credit please" and they usually give me a month of free service.

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looks like spotify has zero interest for us android users or zero knowledge in android-coding if they can't (or don't want to) fix this old bug.


how many updates did the ios version get since the last android update?